Our speech changes our lives – that’s why it’s important to pump up your level of communication save the post and read to the end

We have identified 5 main points that you should pay attention to:

✔️ Clean speech from “pollutants”

A drawn-out “eeee” in the desire to fill a pause will definitely not add persuasiveness to your words. Send to the trash along with the words-parasites. Learn to control yourself

✔️ Structure your speech

We know that a monologue in your head often sounds much cooler than it turns out in reality. Still, remember that speech should be logical and consistent. You will quickly notice that others understand you much better.

✔️ Ask questions

Otherwise, you run the risk of seeming inattentive and uninterested to the interlocutor. Feel free to clarify and repeat the words after the interlocutor, he will understand that you are definitely involved in the conversation.

✔️ Learn to listen

Do not wait for your turn to speak – focus on the interlocutor’s speech and delve into the conversation – you will definitely not miss anything important.

✔️ Replace the negative

Remember: there are no problems – there are tasks, there are no failures – there is experience, there is no duty – there are desires and preferences. Learn to control negative words that can put pressure on the interlocutor. Over time, they will leave your speech for good.

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