Logity - Your Career in Logistics

Sell your way

Logity gives you a chance to build a career in logistics and earn performance-based compensation without limits.

To join our team you need:

  • to share our values;
  • speak English at least at the Intermediate level;
  • challenge yourself to grow.
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revenue among Landstar agents worldwide
years on the international logistics market
Sell your way
Sell your way

Logity has been representing the Landstar transport company for 11 years now. We manage hundreds of loads in the US daily — that’s how we make the business work. This means we know how this business is arranged, and have mastered the rules of the game. Today Logity is listed as one of the most efficient Landstar agents worldwide. Together we can work even better.


Every day we raise the bar and welcome people who always want more, just like us. We believe there’s no better asset than a community of like-minded people who never comply with taking a back seat. And we provide conditions for you to achieve your goals.

We are hiring!

We know how important it is to find the right people. For us, these are the people who are able to think independently and work actively. If you are persistent and willing to work towards a result, raising the bar day by day, success is only a matter of time.

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Business Center "Diamond City", 46 Nauky Avenue
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Success stories

People who are used to competing belong here
Interns motivate me way more than people who sell a lot
If you take this away from me, I will wither. This work is my life
If there isn’t any interaction, any spark — it is for a couple of loads and it’s not going to last long. It’s like sex.
Each product has its buyer and there are literally millions of them
Logistics coordinator
Nobody will come from another floor and give you a client
I’ve changed. When I speak English, I don’t think in Russian anymore – it’s a kind of a quality mark.
Logistics coordinator
We need people who are hungry for money, who know why they came here.
If it were impossible to develop here, I would leave. That’s for sure.
This job developed a professional in me.
Logistics coordinator
Чому ми постійно шукаємо нових логістів?
Комунікативні навички допоможуть тобі не лише у спілкуванні з клієнтом, а й у стосунках із колегами, знайомими та навіть близькими
Як потрапити в Logity і що чекає на тебе на співбесіді?

Logity - Your Career in Logistics

Working at Logity is an opportunity to gain new experience, practice and improve your English, learn how to work in logistics using a real example. At Logity, jobs do not have a long list of requirements; instead, we look and study each candidate to find “our” people. Purposefulness, responsibility, personal development skills and proactivity are those markers that will help the candidate to get the desired characteristic and to get work in a logistics company.

The vacancy of a logistician involves constant communication with people. Thanks to this, the right people are assembled in the team. Therefore, with us it is easier to expand your social circle, make new acquaintances and broaden your horizons. And working in logistics for the US market is also an excellent reason for this.